Welcome and Buongiorno! NEODESMO is the official Ducati Owners Club in Northeast Ohio, serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and the surrounding areas. Our partner dealership is Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph in Akron. Membership in NEODESMO is free and the most you have to own is a passion for everything Ducati! Our 2017 events are mostly on the calendar, check it out! We meet on the first Saturday of the month for Ducs & Dogs at Northern Ohio Ducati, on the first Sunday of the month for Ducs @ the 'Bucks at the Starbucks in Hudson, and the third Saturday of the month at the Dolphin Family Restaurant in Northfield for breakfast at 9AM.

Introducing. . . DUCS at the 'BUCKS!

In celebration of reaching 25 members (half way there!), we've announced one of our planned events!

DUCS at the 'BUCKS
 DUCS at the 'BUCKS occurs every odd-numbered Saturday at 2PM at the Starbucks in Aurora.  There is outside seating for when it is nice and ample room inside for the chilly days.  We've talked to the owner and you may park your bikes in the small area to the right of the building, opposite of the fire lane next to the park.   If you have to take your cage, please park in the normal spaces.

This location is next to a movie theater, Subway, Doogan's, Heinen's, etc. and is just minutes from the outlets at Aurora Farms.  

After the initial gathering, this may be a starting point for a ride nearby.  Those in attendance can decide!

See our Events Calendar for all of the dates!   Please wear Ducati attire if you have it.

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