Welcome and Buongiorno! NEODESMO is the official Ducati Owners Club in Northeast Ohio, serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and the surrounding areas. Our partner dealership is Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph in Akron. Membership in NEODESMO is $10 a year and the most you have to own is a passion for everything Ducati! Our 2018 events are mostly on the calendar, check it out! We meet on the second Saturday of the month for Ducs & Dogs at Northern Ohio Ducati and on the fourth Sunday of the month for Ducs @ the 'Bucks at the Starbucks in Hudson.

Happy New Year! Events for 2017

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Hi Members!

  We hope you've had a great winter and enjoyed the holidays.  We have some changes to our schedule for this year, including a new event!

  First, our Starbucks in Aurora moved.  From now on, all of our Ducs @ the 'Bucks events will be at the Starbucks in HUDSON.  Second, this event will now be held on SUNDAY at 2PM.  We hope this opens the event up for more people that were unable to attend on Saturday.

  Third, we are very excited about our new event!  We will now be heading to Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph on the first Saturday of the month from 11-1, with hotdogs and beverages provided by NODT!  Thanks Carl!!  This is a great opportunity to hang out with your Ducati community, schedule service, browse the shop, etc.   See you there!

  Our Club Mangia will now only be twice a year, once in June and once in September, to open and close the riding season.   Dates and more information to be announced.

  Finally, our Bikes and Breakfast will still be at 9AM at the Dolphin in Northfield.  This event will now be held on the third Saturday of the month.

  If you have any questions, please contact us at neodesmoclub@gmail.com.  These events will be on our Google Calendar and on Facebook.  Please remember to re-read our rules prior to the start of the season.  Proper riding gear is required at all events and a liability waiver must be signed.

  Thank you to our volunteers, Raj Chandhok, Brian Jachim, and Dave Russell for helping us out in 2016 (and beyond) and we thank you in advance for your help again this year!

Ducati 90th Anniversary DOC Collaboration T-Shirt


Orders are closed at this time.  We need a minimum order of 24 shirts before the printer will make more.

Thanks for a great 2015!!

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We hope you all are enjoying the holidays!  We had a lot of fun in 2015.  We stopped our Desmo Dolce, started our Bikes and Breakfast, and reduced our Ducs at the 'Bucks, but we had a great turnout for almost every event.

Thank you to Raj Chandhok and Marc Brower for all of your help at our events this year!

Thank you also to Steve Viny for setting up the Total Control class - he's done it again with more scheduled for 2016.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

As always, thank you to Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph for all of your support and for taking care of our Members.

We have some ideas for 2016 and are also designing some new NEODESMO gear.  Thank you to all of our Founding Members for supporting the club!

The International Motorcycle Show is just a month away so we'll probably see you there!  Otherwise we'll see you in April when our season starts.

Please contact us at neodesmoclub@gmail.com with any event ideas, suggestions, or concerns.

Finally, we will now start breaking down the unclaimed 2015 Welcome Kits (minus the late shipments), so if you are interested in extra Ducati gear, please let us know so we can bring them with us!  If you still WANT your OWN kit, please pay $5.50 to have it shipped (on the right).  You can use PayPal or a credit/debit card and it will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  The deadline to have it shipped before it will be broken down is January 11th.

Thanks and we'll see you in 2016!  Happy New Year!!

Dave & Beth

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Members, we've made a few changes to our calendar this year.  

We're still doing our Club Mangia once a month during the season, usually on the second Wednesday at 7PM.  We will be rotating through just a handful of restaurants this year.  We are also going to have our Ducs at the 'Bucks at the Starbucks in Aurora, but this will be on the first odd Saturday of the month ONLY.  For the second odd Saturday, we are going to meet for breakfast at the Bob Evans in Macedonia, this will be at 9:30 AM.  

For right now, our Desmo Dolce event at Rosso Gelato in Rocky River has been put on hold.  As always, we welcome any and all event suggestions as we work to finalize our schedule.

We will also be sending out a monthly email detailing all of the scheduled events for the month.  This email will REPLACE our Club Mangia email so from now on please click the link included in this email to RSVP for Club Mangia.  An accurate and timely response just ensures that we have an accurate reservation with each restaurant for dinner.  Just a reminder that we don't use Facebook events for our reservation as not everyone is on Facebook, so feel free to RSVP there but also use the link in the email to make sure you are counted.  We will not be asking for attendance on our new breakfast so please arrive early or on time and be prepared to wait for a table if necessary if you want to sit with the group.  

Hope to see you all soon!

Joe Fiocca

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We're sorry to report that one of our active Members, Joe Fiocca, was hit by a car while riding his Ducati last Wednesday.  He is in critical condition in ICU currently.  You can read more about the accident and his condition by visiting http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/joefiocca

We will have a card for Joe available to sign at our Club Mangia this Wednesday (December 10th).  Afterwards, we'll leave it at Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph where you can stop in and sign it.

We would like to raise funds to give to his family - we're sure even the smallest amount could help them with new hospital bills and anything else they may need. If you'd like to donate via PayPal, we'll collect the funds and include a check for all donations with his card.  Please click the link below and you can send any amount.  We'll update this post with the amount raised.

So far $10 has been donated.

Thank you all for your generosity.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Joe and his family.

Dave and Beth Rowles

Thank you for a great 2014!


NEODESMO Ducati Owners Club Members, we had a blast with you in 2014.  We saw several of you every month at Club Mangia, Ducs at the 'Bucks, and our new westside event, Desmo Dolce.  Members organized several fun rides and discovered more of Ohio's beautiful roads.

Our 2014 Ducs at the 'Bucks and Desmo Dolce season has come to a close, but we still have Club Mangia the second Wednesday of each month.  We're in the process of planning our events for 2015 and hope you'll all fill out the Member Feedback Survey that we sent to your email.

We are also working on designing new Club Gear!  We're excited about having something new to offer in 2015.

Most of you have picked up your Ducati Welcome Kits.  Please remember to make arrangements to pick it up, pick it up at one of our events, or pay for us to ship it to you.  We've just received another shipment and we're running out of storage space!

Welcome to our new Members too, we've loved meeting all of you!  Thanks to everyone for being patient with us this year as our personal obligations took up most of our time.  Thank you to our 2014 volunteers Raj and Charlie for all of your work!  If you are interested in volunteering for 2015, please let us know.

In case you missed the email, please note that tonight's Desmo Dolce has been cancelled due to the weather.

Join us at Mid-Ohio!

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We'll be attending the SuperBike races at Mid-Ohio this Sunday, July 20th.  You can find more information on this event and tickets here.  Check your email for more details.

We also have a Ducs at the 'Bucks this Saturday!  Please attend to pick up your 2014 Ducati Welcome Kit.  

Stay tuned for more information on everything Ducati at MotoGP next month!

And don't forget to join the NEODESMO Group on Facebook to chat with other Members!